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Welcome to the W̱S͸ḴEM Ivy Project!

This project is hosted and welcomed on the forested land of the Jim family.


W̱S͸ḴEM is a small village within the nation of W̱SÁNEĆ. It means Place of Clay in the SENĆOŦEN language. Family, friends, allies, and volunteers are dedicated to healing one of the last remaining forests on the W̱S͸ḴEM reservation located on the lands of the Jim family. The vision to remove invasive English ivy is made possible by the many hands of amazing volunteers! We hope to increase the biodiversity for the health of the forest, creek, and ocean nearby. We do this work to decolonize the land for the bees, birds, bats, frogs, newts, and countless other non-human kin. We dream of creating an accessible harvesting site for W̱SÁNEĆ family.

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